The Contemporary Azulejo: an Identity Issue?


  • Inês Leitão Az – Rede de Investigação em Azulejo ARTIS – Instituto de História da Arte, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa



Identity, Tile, Authors, Contemporary


One of the aspects that has supported the idea of the azulejo (tile) as a cultural heritage of the Portuguese identity is its continuous employment since the end of the fifteenth century until today, now having become a part of the projects of artists, architects and designers. This article seeks to ponder upon the relationship that contemporary authors have established, or not, with this appreciation of the azulejo as an art connected to identity, discerning the reasons that have led them to select it for their pieces.


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Leitão, I. (2018). The Contemporary Azulejo: an Identity Issue?. ARTis ON, (8).