Veloso Salgado, the work that made him a professor




Oil Painting, 19th century, José Veloso Salgado, Radiography


José Maria Veloso Salgado (1864-1945), was born in Orense (Spain) and came to Portugal at the age of 10. He was a student of excellence at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lisbon from 1878-1887 and won several national and international awards in the world of painting. Considered one of the best painters of the second generation of Portuguese Naturalism, he stood out essentially in the field of history painting (without neglecting the genre painting and portrait). In 1897, he applied to the Belas Artes to become a full professor of the class in history painting, and won with the work discussed here, Túlia passing the carriage over her father's corpse. Following the conservation and restoration intervention to which it was subjected, several examinations were carried out, including X-rays, which revealed some changes in the drawing.  Being a competition piece with defined rules and a pre-drawing, this was  a  surprising discovery  and of great curiosity and relevance.


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