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No. 13 (2022): Multithematic Issue

Modernity and Tradition: Architectural features on Avenida Ressano Garcia between 1904 and 1909

December 27, 2022


The aim of this article is to highlight the main characteristics of a set of buildings erected from 1904 to 1909 on Avenida Ressano Garcia in Lisbon, from the project by architect Raul Lino for Joaquim de Jesus Ferreira. In this project the architect developed a sober architectural style, with references of fifteenth century and new approaches inspired in the traditional Portuguese and contemporary Anglo-Saxon architecture. This project was unique and had no repercussion in the work of other draughtsmen. In fact, different types of buildings were built and new concepts were explored until 1909. This article is based on the collation of various archival sources and bibliography to highlight the timelessness of the work selected here, which characterises, in part, the architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century in Portugal.


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